When Love Gets Messy


Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages by Darlene Schacht, Creator of the Time-Warp Wife Blog.

In the book Messy Beautiful Love Darlene Schacht tells the story of mistakes she made in her marriage, and how those mistakes brought her face to face with who God is and what he has done for her and for us. Darlene tells her story in a way that constantly brings you back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and reminds us that God loves us with a type of love that most of us have barely scratched the surface to understand. Darlene reminds us that as wives we need to step back so that we can allow our husbands to lead us and our families. We can’t always take things out of his hands because we believe we know how to do it better than he does. Darlene also gives us challenges at the end of each chapter, guiding the reader to focus on ways to uplift and encourage their husband.

I really enjoyed this book. Darlene’s story could very easily be presented as a sensational story with all the dirty laundry hung out for all to see, instead she tells the reader just enough to understand her story. Her focus is always on Jesus, and the Gospel. This book is challenging as well, Darlene keeps point out things that we need to be doing as wives, and things we need to be praying for and growing in to better our relationship with our husbands, as well as growing us closer to Jesus Christ.

**BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

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