Character Quality: Gentleness

1 Timothy 6-11


This week our Character quality is: Gentleness

I have found that as I have been working through last weeks verse with my children, the verse I chose to go along with our character quality was a difficult one for my children to learn. So I plan to revisit the character quality of Thankfulness again another week. This week I did not choose the whole verse, but merely a portion of the verse that we are to study for this week. I hope that it will make our memorization go a little bit more smoothly. 

I am finding that when I have a specific verse to focus on teaching my children and to learn myself has been a fantastic tool for teaching my children Biblical principles. I want my children to know what the Bible says so that they are able to apply the principles themselves. I also believe that our children need to be studying the scriptures themselves and learning what it teaches so that they know I am not just making up ideas to benefit me as their mother.

I picked this week’s character quality because I am not always a good demonstration of this to my children. I find that I can be harsh, demanding, and critical. I want to be developing a spirit of gentleness in my life. I want this character quality to be so engrained in my life that it isn’t merely seen in my speech, but it is present in my thoughts as well. I want my heart to be gentle towards those who are around me. I need to learn this as much as my children need to learn this quality. If I do not demonstrate the characteristics of gentleness then how can my children really learn it?

In general my children are very gentle with one another. They are usually very considerate of each other and help each other when things are needing to be done around the house or one of them has a problem. There are moments though when they do not demonstrate gentleness. Overall this quality is for both our benefits.

We have been working through the book of Exodus in our Blogging through the Bible with This past week I was struck by God’s gentle responses to the Israelites even when they were responding out of fear or rebellion. God took into account the people’s weakness even though they were acting in a sinful way towards Moses and God Himself. It can be so hard for me to step outside of my emotional responses when my children are behaving in a sinful way. I find it difficult to respond in a biblical way, yet I am upset because of my children’s sin not because of my own sin in responding to them in a way I shouldn’t. We find it so easy to see the speck in others eyes, and complete miss the log in our own.

While looking at the book of Exodus I am stunned by God’s graciousness to the people, even when they are complaining and griping. AGAIN!

This is the type of gentleness that I want to live out in my home and for my family. I pray that God will richly use this in our lives this week as we strive to parent our children well.

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